Thank you Railscasts

11 January 2013
Railscasts has always been my favourite Rails ressource. I use it since I started learning Rails four years ago and I just love the pedagogy and the choice of subjects. I'm now a pro member, and I just wanted to say thank you. If you don't know Railscasts, check it here:

Groupon Buys Rails Software Development Startup Obtiva

04 August 2011
Groupon has just announced its acquisition of Obtiva, a Chicago based Ruby on Rails firm.

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07 June 2011
We bought a company called Heroku, which offers Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is the fastest growing language on the Web today. from CEO Marc Benioff

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Building a Killer Startup? Get Ruby on Rails

31 May 2011
“Ruby on Rails is a framework,” said John. “It has all the key parts of an application already predefined. This means that a good programmer can look at existing code and understand how it works.”

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Here's Why Ruby On Rails Is Hot

12 May 2011
I believe that Ruby on Rails is on fire because it is the most productive way to build web applications. This is a conclusion that I’ve drawn first hand by building Rails applications for customers for nearly five years.

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Enquête BMO 2011 : 28 850 projets de recrutements dans l'IT

18 April 2011
Les informaticiens font partie des 10 spécialités les plus difficiles à trouver [...]

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Life beyond HTTP 1.1: Google’s SPDY

12 April 2011
Google's servers are also SPDY enabled. In other words, if you use Chrome, and you're using Google services, then many of those pages are not arriving to you over HTTP - you are actually running over SPDY!

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Launching Cloud Foundry, The Industry’s First Open PaaS

12 April 2011
[...] an open source “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) from VMware allowing easy deployment of applications written using Spring, Rails and other modern frameworks.

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The jQuery Divide

10 April 2011
We need you to help us organize our jQuery-based application. It's a streaming pile of unmaintanable crap.

CloudEdit: A Backbone.js Tutorial with Rails (Part 1)

09 April 2011
In this tutorial, I'll go over the code for CloudEdit, an example Backbone.js app backed with Rails that outlines some basic patterns that I've used successfully in my Rails Backbone projects.